We’re in this together. So let’s stop fighting each other and start solving the problem we all care deeply about.

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It’s a sunny, windy Thursday afternoon, exactly two years ago and I’m walking across Waterloo Bridge, witnessing a momentous event. Extinction Rebellion has forced central London to a standstill and blocked several major sites, including this bridge. A temporary woodland grows hopefully across the river, saplings and banners flying in the strong breeze. I feel at once hopeful and a little uncomfortable. …

When Boris announced a route out of lockdown 3.0 for the UK earlier this week the country universally cheered. We have spent an awfully long time not socialising, not spending time with family, not seeing friends and not going on holiday. By midsummer, all adults should be vaccinated and we can start getting back to normal. Hurray!

The summer of hugs | Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

While there’s a massive amount of pre-pandemic life that I miss and can’t wait to get back again, it’s worth noting the things that have become immeasurably better. …

Food really does taste better in Thailand.

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Halfway up a mountain in Austria I found myself moaning in ecstasy. It was 10 am and I was digging into my first mouthful of salad in a week and, despite the ridiculous lake of dressing pooling beneath the lettuce, the experience was still heavenly. After a week of dense, meaty stews and the impossibility of avoiding cheese, my gums were sore, my guts were in knots and my mind lost in a fuzzy grey fog. Much as I adore the alpine lifestyle, I really struggle with the alpine diet.

Four products that got me through lockdown January

Salt, fat, umami: the unholy trinity of guilty pleasures. These three simple chemical focal points present an unassailable argument in the face of logic. Never mind that meat-eating is bad for me, bad for animals, and bad for the planet. My brain is hardwired to crave those three things. I’m a self-confessed meat addict.

The very unimpressed holy cow | Photo by Esteban Castle on Unsplash

With this in mind, how on earth do I approach Veganuary? Despite giving up pork years ago, all other animals have remained firmly on my table. …

I’ve been obsessed with owning “land” since I was a child. And not just any old land, mind. More specifically, forest. By age seven, my treehouse was fully imagined, nestled high in the canopy with a long rope ladder snaking down to the leafy mulch floor. Toucans would come and perch on my shoulder and capuchin monkeys would join me for breakfast.

Finca Bella Vista, Costa Rica | Source: Inhabitat

As reality replaced imagination, I doggedly kept to my theme and bought my first acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust at age 12. …

How much would that cost?

According to some basic carbon footprint calculations, I will emit around 900 tonnes of CO2e over my lifetime. How much would it cost me, today, to buy offsets for that entire amount?

Pick a project

A quick review of the current carbon offset projects on offer via the Gold Standard website, the price per tonne varies widely. You can support a 100MW wind power project in Andhra Pradesh for $10/tonne or contribute to an integrated plastic recycling centre in Romania for $47/tonne.

The average cost per tonne of these projects, however, ends up being around…

How to get to net zero carbon emissions for a single lifetime

I think about this idea a lot and have done for years. Is there a way for me to get my annual carbon emissions down to almost zero, and offset the rest? And can I go even further, and negate all the emissions I have expended across my entire lifetime? Can I, in effect, become nothing, become a carbon zero?

Basic calculations

According to the WWF carbon footprint calculator, I have an average carbon footprint for a person living in the UK: 10.5 tonnes per year. I am…

Amy Wilson

Problem solver. Partial to cake. Passionate about mountains, forests, and the low carbon energy transition

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